High availability


Alignak can be used in a high availability environment.

The daemons can be run in 2 differents servers / locations.

First instance in normal mode, the second in spare mode.



We will introduce the configuration part with an example.

We set the Scheduler daemon in high availability mode.

We will distribute the following daemons on three servers:

  • Arbiter daemon is on ServerA with IP
  • Scheduler master is on ServerB with IP
  • Scheduler spare is on ServerC with IP

First step

We need to install Alignak on the 3 servers.

Second step

We configure the 2 Scheduler daemons in the Arbiter configuration on ServerA.

In the folder etc/alignak/arbiter/daemons:

  • modify the file scheduler-master.cfg. In this file, define the IP of ServerB like:

    scheduler_name      scheduler-master
    spare               0
  • copy this file scheduler-master.cfg to scheduler-slave.cfg (the name is not really important). In this file, define the scheduler_name, the IP of ServerC and activate the spare like:

    scheduler_name      scheduler-slave
    spare               1

Third step

On ServerB and ServerC, start the Scheduler daemons, and only those daemons.

On ServerA, start the Arbiter daemon.


To test if it works, it’s so simple, stop Scheduler daemon on ServerB.

The Scheduler on ServerC will exit from its waiting state and continue the job of the Scheduler of ServerB.

If you restart the Scheduler daemon on the ServerB, the Scheduler on ServerC will enter its waiting state.


You run now Alignak with high availability for Scheduler.

You can do the same for other daemons.

Like you see, it’s simple to define Alignak in high availibility mode.


Be careful, if you configure Arbiter in high availability, you need to have thensame configuration files (folder etc/alignak/arbiter) on both Arbiter servers (master and slave).