Load balancing


The load balancing is the ability to share load on multiple servers.

The first thing to know is that not all Alignak daemons can be managed in load availability.

This is the list of daemons for which it is possible:

  • Scheduler daemon
  • Poller daemon
  • Broker daemon
  • Reactionner daemon
  • Receiver daemon

Only the Arbiter is not concerned with this



We will introduce the configuration part with an example.

We set the Scheduler daemon in load balancing mode.

We will distribute the following daemons on three servers:

  • Arbiter daemon is on ServerA with IP
  • Scheduler master is on ServerB with IP
  • Scheduler spare is on ServerC with IP

Note: it is possible to have more than 2 Scheduler daemons, this example is for 2.

First step

We need to install Alignak on the 3 servers.

Second step

We configure the 2 Scheduler daemons in the Arbiter configuration on ServerA.

In the folder etc/alignak/arbiter/daemons:

  • rename the file scheduler-master.cfg in scheduler-mars.cfg. In this file, define the IP of ServerB like:

    scheduler_name      scheduler-mars
    spare               0
  • copy this file scheduler-mars.cfg to scheduler-venus.cfg (the name is not really important). In this file, define the scheduler_name, the IP of ServerC like:

    scheduler_name      scheduler-venus
    spare               0

Third step

On ServerB and ServerC, start the Scheduler daemons, and only those daemons.

On ServerA, start the Arbiter daemon.


You run now Alignak with load balancing for Scheduler. You can do the same for other daemons.