Snapshots are on demand command launched during a specific time period and only when an host/service is in a specific state. This is useful, as an example, to export a quick-view/snapshot of an element when a problem happen (like a list of processes) …

Snapshots are commands attached to hosts and/or services. It’s not a good idea to enable them on all hosts and services as it will add a lot of load on your system :/

Snapshots are like event handlers except that they are launched periodically (snapshot_interval) since the targeted element is in one of the specified states (snapshot_criteria) during a specified time perio (snapshot_period).

They are launched from the reactionner daemon with the same properties (reactionner_tag) than the event handlers. The scheduler is grabbing the output and it will create a specific brok object (host_snapshot_brok or service_snapshot_brok) so that the brokers can be informed and notify specific modules.