External Commands


Alignak can process commands from external applications to alter various aspects of its monitoring functions based on the commands it receives.

Enabling external commands


In order to have Alignak process external commands, make sure you enabled external command checking with the check_external_commands parameter in the monitoring configuration file.

Note that the Arbiter is able to manage the external commands by itself and that it is not necessary to use an external module… but you may install an external commands capable module near the Alignak receiver daemon. This will be a more interesting configuration to balance the commands load if you are using many passive checks!

An external commands capable module implements a solution to provide the external commands to Alignak.

The external commands named pipe module allows an external application residing on the same host as Alignak to simply write the external commands directly to a named pipe file as outlined above. However, applications on remote hosts can’t do this so easily.

The NSCA collector module collects the passive checks sent by the send_nsca command or from an NSCA agent (eg. Windows NSClient ++). This module only manages the external commands for receiving the passive checks.

The Web services module exposes a Web service (POST /alignak_command) that allows to notify external commands to the Alignak framework.

Using external commands

External commands can be used to accomplish a lot of different things while Alignak is running. Example of what can be done include temporarily disabling notifications for services and hosts, temporarily disabling service checks, forcing immediate service checks, adding comments to hosts and services, etc.

Command format

External commands have the following format:

[<timestamp>] COMMAND;command_arguments

where timestamp is the time (in “time_t” format) that the external application submitted the external command. The values for the COMMAND and command_arguments will depend on which command is being submitted to Alignak.

External commands list

The external commands list annex contains a description of each external command.


all those external commands are not implemented in Alignak! This list contains all the commonly known external commands and keep you informed if the command is implemented or not!